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CornellCookson is proud to make available to you books about our company's history and culture.

by Katharine Cornell Gorka & Andrew H. Cornell

One day in 1819, a twelve-year old boy named George Cornell left his family's farm on Long Island and traveled to New York City to become an apprentice blacksmith. By the 1870s, the company he created, and that was carried on after him by his brothers, became the largest iron works in the United States. The J.B. & W.W. Cornell Iron Works, and later the J.B. & J.M. Cornell Iron Works, worked with the leading architects of their day to take New York's buildings from four stories in the 1850s to thirty stories by 1899.

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by Andrew Cornell

Outwardly, businesses may seem similar but some have surprisingly different approaches. Since 1828, Cornell Iron Works has followed its own attitude towards people and leadership. With a focus on the individual and optimism for the future, we try to see greater possibility in others, ourselves and our business.

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