SpectraShield® Powder Coating


Option: 1113

Option Description: SpectraShield is an environmentally friendly, factory applied polyester powder coating option that adds aesthetic value and eliminates the need for field painting. Layered on top of our standard GalvaNex™ finish, the SpectraShield finish includes a zirconium pre-treatment followed by a baked-on polyester powder coating. SpectraShield's lasting finish can integrate seamlessly into the building's surrounding areas or make a colorful architectural statement.

Of note, grille curtains are not eligible for powder coating.

Available Options
Our Quality, Our Line
Out Performs Field-Applied Finishes
Controls Costs
Colors Available
1112 - Fascia: Galvanized Steel with Gray Polyester Enamel Finish. 24 Gauge. (1) Sided
1751 - Hood: Galvanized Steel with Gray Polyester Enamel Finish. 24 Gauge. 
We control every step of the SpectraShield process. Our production line is state-of-the-art, with an automated continuous conveyor, metal cleaning and preparation, automatic powder guns, and a curing oven. The line is tailored to our products, enhancing quality and field performance as well as reducing manufacturing lead times.
The SpectraShield process applies a baked-on organic polymer over a conversion coating. All SpectraShield components are prepped, powder coated and cured with an electrostatic application that assures uniform, total coverage and a smooth finish that is tough and durable. SpectraShield outperforms field-applied coatings in color retention, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, UV stability and abrasion resistance. We control color formulations electronically, which means that additional or replacement components will match previous shipments.

Powder contains no solvents and so emits no polluting volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. We collect and recycle oversprayed powder.

Factory-applied powder coating is cost effective and competitive with field-applied solvent-based coatings. Proper surface preparation in the field is difficult and costly. Surface preparation by a factory powder coating process produces a smoother, longer-lasting finish at controlled costs.

SpectraShield powder coated finish is available in more than 180 standard RAL colors to match or enhance any project.  In addition, custom colors are available.  Extended lead time and additional cost may apply. Please contact us for custom requests.   

  • Additional cost may apply
  • Finish and gauge vary by product. Contact us for availability
  • Due to inherent differences in production processes, color representations should be used as a guideline only. When color is critical, contact us for a sample
  • While powder coated finishes offer exceptional toughness and impact resistance plus superior resistance to abrasion and chipping (due to the use of higher molecular weight resin systems), all coiling doors, high cycling doors in particular, are subject to wear. Durability of the finish varies with the door's use, pattern and size. Finish is not subject to warranty. Matching touch-up paint is supplied from the factory

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